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15th ECEC General Assembly Meeting

On Sunday, 11 March 2018 the ECEC had its 15th GAM in Brussels, Belgiummore


Infringement procedure against Austrian professional law for Chartered Engineers

On 7 December 2017 the Commission decided to refer Austria to the Court of Justice of the EU due to overly restrictive rules on the provision of services by architects, engineers, patent attorneys and veterinarians.more


ECEC Working Group “Public Procurement of Engineering Services”

As agreed at the 14th ECEC General Assembly in Macedonia on 21 October 2017 the ECEC is going to implement a working group on Public Procurement of Engineering Services as a follow up of the WGs on the price/quality relationship...more


"9  arguments" why professional regulation for engineers is essential for Europe

For the European Institutions, liberalisation and deregulation of the liberal professions seem to be the solution for generating more economic growth.

Is that true?

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